Diet & Nutrition Counseling

A Personalized Nutrition Plan For Long-Term Weight Loss Success

An individualized nutrition plan from an experienced dietician is a vital component to any successful weight loss or weight management program. At OVYVO, we know that focusing on you, the individual, is the key to creating your best long-term weight loss plan. You’ll benefit from our team of committed experts who will consider all aspects of your lifestyle to create your personalized, comprehensive nutrition strategy, designed to be sustainable for life!

We Believe You Should Enjoy Eating

Say goodbye to deprivation, questionable fads, and weight loss diets that do more harm than good. We’ll work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan that will help you reach your goals without having to give up your favorite foods. Our diet and nutrition experts will work them into your weight loss plan so you can still enjoy them without feeling guilty.

Sometimes, a simple switch can make all the difference! We offer easy tips and substitutions that pack all the flavors you crave into everyday meals and snacks, so you stay on track to meet your goals while staying satisfied and energized all day long.

The best part? We work with you to create a nutrition strategy that is cost-neutral, so you can eat better without spending more. There are no pre-packaged or proprietary foods to buy. Our nutrition planning is based completely on common grocery store foods and ingredients.

A Strict Weight Loss Meal Plan Vs. OVYVO’s Sensible Nutrition Plan

At OVYVO, we believe that regimented weight loss meal plans rarely lead to long-term success, primarily because they can be so challenging to stick with. Between the difficulty of following a strictly controlled routine and the boredom of cycling through the same meals, most weight loss diets can be arduous and drab. That’s why we take a broader approach to nutrition that teaches you how to better nourish your body without feeling like you’re on a diet.

It’s simple, really. When you follow a meal plan, the meal plan dictates what you eat. When you follow a nutrition plan, the nutrition plan serves as a guide, so you have more control over what you eat.

Some people do find success with weight loss meal plans, and our dieticians are happy to work with those patients who prefer one. However, a vast majority of our patients favor (and find more success with) a less restrictive approach to diet and nutrition.

In creating a nutrition strategy, we help each patient better understand what their body needs and how to properly meet those needs. This may include important tips and insights on nutrition and how the body processes different foods, to understanding food labels, portioning, and more. And all those sinfully delicious foods you don’t want to give up? You don’t have to! Your nutrition plan is designed around you for lifelong success AND enjoyment!

When a Nutrition Plan Alone Is Not Enough

We know change is challenging, which is why our one-on-one approach is key to effective, lifelong weight loss. Our consistent and personalized support sets us apart from other weight loss programs and helps you stay the course in developing healthy eating habits. We build in regular in-person and video meetings between you and your personal weight loss coaches who offer guidance and tweak your meal plan if necessary. Our tailored support is often coupled with prescription medication to give you the boost you need to power through difficult days and emerge a happier, healthier, and leaner you.

Nutrition for Life

Eating for optimal health and wellness should be simple and enjoyable, which is why we design every aspect of your nutrition plan around your personal needs and lifestyle.

Our unique, comprehensive program has helped thousands of people break through their barriers and find the success they never thought possible. Discover the difference that the OVYVO approach to healthy eating can make for you!

Oh, Yes! You Can!

A program designed just for you. All the right tools and strategies. And compassionate professionals cheering you on.

You deserve this! Get started now…