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Welcome to the OVYVO Medical Weight Loss center of Harrisburg, PA!

At OVYVO, we offer more than three decades of experience alongside a thoughtful, caring approach to weight loss and weight management. We develop individualized programs, followed with the right tools, strategies, and ongoing support – both in-person and via telemedicine. And we take time to truly listen to our patients and celebrate their successes.

If you’re seeking a healthier, happier and thinner version of you, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are struggling with your weight, OVYVO is the place to go. The staff is amazing and understanding.
– C. Barone
Everyone at the center is so supportive and always willing to listen. I am never made to feel ashamed of myself. They take the time to sit with you, answer your questions and are very thorough. I am very happy to have found you and thank you for helping me change my life for the better.
– Karen Hillis

Everything You Need For Weight Loss Success

Medically Assisted Weight Loss
Medically Supervised Programs & Proven Treatments
Lose weight safely and effectively with the help a Board-Certified doctor and a team of health professionals committed to your success.
Prescription Medication
FDA-Approved Medications For Appetite & Metabolism
When appropriate, we prescribe medications to aid in weight loss. Some prescriptions can be filled at our office – often at a discount.
Diet & Nutrition Counseling
Personalized & Realistic Dietary Planning & Counseling
Get professional, one-on-one help to develop a dietary plan that puts you on track for success while keeping you satisfied.
Exercise & Lifestyle Modifications for Weight Loss
Help With Making Positive Lifestyle Changes
Get individualized help and ongoing support to make small changes in your daily routine that can lead to amazing results.
Ongoing Weight Loss Support
Ongoing Support From Compassionate Professionals
Losing weight can be a challenge. Our providers and staff are here to cheer you on and keep you on track.
Affordable Weight Loss Solutions
A Personalized Weight Loss Program That Fits Your Budget
Your health is our first priority. That’s why office visits are affordable, there are no up-front set up fees, and there are no contracts.

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Meet Our Harrisburg Team

Dr. Paul Baughman
Dr. Paul Baughman
Board-Certified Physician
Lauren Kropa
Lauren Kropa
Physician Assistant – Certified (PA-C)
Chelsea Gernak Mason
Chelsea Gernak Mason
Lead Clinical Dietitian
Caitlin Leister
Caitlin Leister
Weight Loss Counselor
Joellen Wilson
Joellen Wilson
Registered Dietitian (RD)
Laura Shaeffer
Laura Shaeffer
Business Manager

Local Resources

When it comes to losing or maintaining your weight, a little knowledge can go a long way. That’s why we will soon feature local resources to help you discover nearby activities, healthy eats, and more. Stay tuned, as these pages are coming soon!

Fitness Studios, Gyms, Walking Groups & More
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Diet & Nutrition
Healthy Dining Options, Farmers Markets & More
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Alternative Medicine, Meditation Groups & More
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Events & Activities
Indoor & Outdoor Activities, Support Groups
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