Caitlin Leister, Weight Loss Counselor at OVYVO Medical Weight Loss Caitlin Leister, Weight Loss Counselor at OVYVO Medical Weight Loss

Caitlin Leister

Weight Loss Counselor

Caitlin Leister

Caitlin graduated in 2010 with a Medical Assisting Associate’s Degree. She worked in the primary care field for five years at Baughman Family Medicine, and worked her way up to Lead Medical Assistant before leaving BFM to help open The Harrisburg Medical Weight Loss Center (now OVYVO Medical Weight Loss). Over the last few years, Caitlin has continued her study of biology, physiology and weight management. She and Chelsea have developed many of the handouts and material aids we use in the education, counseling, and management of our patients. She has also written policy and procedures regarding patient flow, drug approval, medication prior authorization and encounter documentation. Recognizing that she has a passion for counseling patients with regards to diet, exercise, healthy habits, and medical options, Caitlin decided to pursue becoming a Weight Loss Counselor. After shadowing our providers extensively and studying treatment guidelines, Caitlin successfully completed our in-house Medical Weight Loss Counseling Certification Exam.

A Weight Loss Counselor educates patients on issues regarding weight loss, diet, and exercise. Counselors assess a client’s current weight and nutrition choices to provide guidance in obtaining a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. Caitlin works hand and hand with Dr. Baughman and Lauren to provide patients with options and accessibility to the practice.

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