Medical Weight Loss
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Physician Assisted Weight Loss

Physician Assisted Weight Loss

At OVYVO, we provide comprehensive physician assisted weight loss programs that are personalized to each patient. As a medical weight loss clinic, we use medications to aid in weight loss when applicable. We address behavioral and dietary changes to further weight loss and instill healthy behaviors. And we treat Binge Eating Disorder and obesity. There is no singular plan, as each patient is different and has different struggles related to weight loss.

At your first appointment, we will review your medical history, as well as try to identify your struggles and develop a sensible plan that will work with you, along with appropriate medication. We will see you back in the office once a month to weigh in and refill your medication.

Monthly visits are a requirement to make sure that your medication is helping. If at any time you feel the weight loss medicine is not working, we can add to it or change it. We do have medications here in the office, and we can electronically transmit prescriptions for any drug that the provider deems appropriate for you. 

When Lifestyle Changes Are Just Not Enough… or Too Difficult

Medications can increase your ability to lose weight by:

  • Increasing metabolism
  • Decreasing appetite
  • Giving you the energy needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Change your relationship with comfort food
  • Curb night time eating
  • Help with binge eating disorder

Oh, Yes! You Can!

A program designed just for you. All the right tools and strategies. And compassionate professionals cheering you on.

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