Success Stories

Lashonda W Before
Lashonda W After

Lashonda recently sent us two before/after images that she is proud to share. Amazing, Lashonda! We’re proud of you too!

Chrissy Before
Chrissy After

Chrissy has undergone an amazing transformation. When we started working with her in April, 2021, her weight was 305lbs. In October of the same same year, she had dropped to 286lbs. By September, 2022, her weight was down to 243lbs. In January, 2023, it’s now 225lbs! Congratulations on 80lbs lost, Chrissy! And thanks for letting […]

Diane Before
Diane After

Diane lost 45 pounds between April, 2021 and March, 2022! Nice work, Diane!

Cheryl M Before
Cheryl M After

Cheryl is so proud of her success, and so are we! The first photo of her is from 2017, when she weighed about 282. We started working with her in 2020, and by December 2021 (second photo), she was down to 249! Way to go, Cheryl!

Jenna N Before
Jenna N After

Jenna has made incredible progress since starting her personalized weight loss program at OVYVO. The photo on the left was taken on August 26, 2018, right around the time she started. The photo in the middle was taken earlier this year on April 14, 2020. And the photo on the right is from two and […]

Patient C Before
Patient C After

Patient C weighed 230.2 lbs when she started with us on May 14, 2014. On that day, her waist measured 38.75″, and her BMI was at 37. By September 3 of the same year, she had dropped to 183.2 lbs, a 30″ waist, and a BMI of 29.4. When she took the “after” photo featured […]

Patient D Before
Patient D After

Patient D started with us on June 16, 2014. On that day, her weight was 197.5 lbs, and her waist measured 42.5″. By November 19 of that year, she weighed 159 lbs (down 38.5 lbs), and she had a waist line of 32″ (down 10.5″)!

Patient E Before
Patient E After

Patient E began with us in May 2014 at 222 lbs, with a 43.5″ waist. By January 24, 2015, her weight was down to 180 lbs, and her waist measured 32″. That’s 42 lbs and 11.5″, lost steadily over 8 months! 5/2014 (started) Weight: 222 lbs Waist: 43.5″ 1/24/15: Weight: 180 lbs Waist: 32″

Patient F Before
Patient F After

Patient F started seeing us on July 12, 2014. Her weight was 284.8 lbs, and her waist measured 50.5″. Between then and her “after” photo, which was taken on January 8, 2016, she steadily dropped the weight and shrank her waist line. Her “after” photo shows her at 204 lbs with a 35″ waist. She […]

Patient H Before
Patient H After

Patient H started her weight loss journey with us on August 25, 2014. Her weight was 240.6 lbs, her waist measured 42.5″, and her BMI was 37.8. On February 25, 2015, her weight was at 185 lbs, her waist was 35″, and her BMI had dropped to 29!

Patient I Before
Patient I After

Patient I started with us on May 5, 2015. At that time, she had a 43″ waist and weighed 226.2 lbs. By August 7 of that year, she had dropped 4″ around her waist and 46.2 lbs! And by November 3, she was at 170.2 lbs (down a total of 56 lbs) with a 34.9″ […]

Patient J Before
Patient J After

Started 3/15 Patient J started on our program in March 2015. By October of that same year, her weight was down 69.2 lbs, and waist size shrank 8 inches!