12 Tips For Staying Active As Days Get Shorter & Colder

12 Tips For Staying Active As Days Get Shorter & Colder

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop (again), it can be a challenge to stay motivated and active. But now is not the time to put your weight loss progress on hold by letting your body go into hibernation. With a little preparation and the right gear, you can maintain an effective exercise routine all the way through to next spring – even when old man winter is dishing out his worst! The following tips will help to keep you warm, safe, and on track to your weight loss goals…

1. Wear Thermal Clothing

Staying warm is vital in cold weather. If you’re too chilly or uncomfortable every time you go out for a walk or activity, you’ll quickly lose interest in it. Keep warm with a good jacket, a hat, and gloves. For extra coziness, put on some thermal underwear.

2. Dress in Layers

It’s easy to overestimate just how much cold-weather gear to throw on before you head out. Avoid overheating by dressing in layers. It’s also helpful to have a way to carry the layers you’ve removed. While you can tie some things around your waist, consider using carabiners, a fanny pack, or even a backpack.  

3. Wear Rain Gear

Don’t let a little rain stand in the way of your goals. Invest in a Gore-Tex jacket that’s both waterproof and breathable, and you might actually look forward to rain in the forecast. But don’t forget your footwear! A good pair of Gore-Tex boots will keep your feet warm and dry through the wettest of walks.

4. Wear Reflective Vest/Clothing

Stay safe in the darker hours of fall and winter. Whether you’re hiking alongside a road or crossing streets in your neighborhood, reflective clothing will make you more visible to drivers. Try to wear lighter, brighter colors as well.

5. Carry a Flashlight

A good flashlight will help you see where you’re going, avoid potential hazards, and make you more much more visible to others. We recommend an LED flashlight, as these tend to be brighter and lighter to carry.

6. Make a Plan and Stick with It

Make time for physical activity by putting it on your schedule. Maybe it’s a 20-minute walk after you get home from work. Or maybe you can squeeze in some activity during your lunch break. Whatever it is, write it down, commit to it, and follow through. Before you know it, it will be just another part of your routine.

7. Keep It Indoors

When the weather is just too terrible to venture out, stay fit indoors with or without exercise equipment. You’ll find a ton of indoor exercises and fitness videos on YouTube, and there are a variety of things you can do without any fitness equipment whatsoever, including yoga, dancing, and chair, stair and wall exercises!

8. Buddy Up

You don’t have to go it alone. When you want to go back to bed or just curl up on the couch, a workout buddy will help to hold you accountable and keep you on track. Plus, having a partner makes activities so much more enjoyable. And that means that you’re more likely to continue!

9. Join a Gym or Group Fitness Class

There are a lot of benefits to having (and using) a gym membership. Unless it’s too dangerous to get to the gym, it won’t matter what the weather is doing. You’ll have all the equipment and camaraderie you need in a spacious, climate-controlled environment!

10. Seize Opportunities for Activity

Adding a little more activity to your daily routine isn’t so hard when you take advantage of all the little opportunities that present themselves throughout the day. Consider parking at the other end of the parking lot, taking the steps instead of the elevator, using a bathroom on another floor at your workplace or home, taking your dog around the block when it’s potty time, and so on.

11. Stay Focused on Your WHY

Too cold, too dark, too early, too late, too much to do… blah, blah, blah. When you’re not feeling up to exercise, turn your attention from the obstacles, and think about why you want to lose weight. Let your “why” give you the motivation to make your plan happen.

12. Plan Meals & Eat Right

Healthy eating habits are essential to long-term weight loss success. Eating right will keep your appetite satisfied longer, provide real nourishment to your body, brighten your mood (which is especially important during darker months), and give you the energy you need to achieve your activity goals.

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