Introducing OVYVO

Introducing OVYVO

Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg is now OVYVO Medical Weight Loss!

Since opening our doors in 2014, our Harrisburg office has grown considerably. So when we decided earlier this year to expand our presence by opening an office in Blakely, PA near Scranton, we knew it was time to reconsider our location-based name. And not just our name, but our entire identity. After all, we’ve grown up a lot in the last six years.

In developing our new identity, we wanted to do more than cut through the noise and clutter of the weight loss industry as a whole. We wanted to express the essence of who we’ve become: the passion we have for what we do; the positive energy that fills our offices; the compassion and sincere caring we have for our patients; and the fact that we’ve helped so many people succeed where they had stumbled before.

After months of careful planning and a lot of work, we are proud to introduce you to our new identity. So what is OVYVO? And how do you pronounce it? Well, here’s how we like to define it…

OVYVO (pronounced o-Vee-voh)!

To enjoy meaningful, long-term weight loss & weight management success!

A compassionate group of professionals who specialize in helping their patients find long-term weight loss and weight management success through individualized physician-supervised medical programs, sensible diet & nutrition planning, lifestyle modifications, and behavioral support.

Oh, Yes! You Can!

A program designed just for you. All the right tools and strategies. And compassionate professionals cheering you on.

You deserve this! Get started now…