7 Fun Fall Activities For Fitness

7 Fun Fall Activities For Fitness

Autumn is here. And that means crisp air, beautiful colors, and a cornucopia of opportunities for fun and easy fitness. Here are seven simple ideas to keep your body moving and burning calories this fall.

1. Exercise at Sports Practice
If you have a child involved in sports, you know how much sitting and waiting parents have to do. So why not take advantage of that time to squeeze in a stroll around the field or school? Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, that’s 10 minutes more activity than you would have had. And a few minutes here and there can really add up to deliver results you can feel!

2. Attend Fall Festivals
There are tons of outdoor fairs and festivals this time of year, and they’re a great way to get out and do some walking. Just try to avoid the funnel cake & apple dumplings. And if you simply must indulge, split it!

3. Visit a State Park to Enjoy Fall Foliage
With hues of golden yellow to deep crimson, the fall foliage, at just the right time and place, is breathtakingly beautiful. Visit a state park to more fully enjoy autumn’s splendor!

4. Enjoy a Corn Maze
A good corn maze is an easy way to spend 30-60 minutes in motion. Day or evening, you’ll have so much fun doing it!

5. Pick Apples
Many local orchards allow, and even encourage, customers to come pick their own fruit. So get out there, take a casual stroll through your nearest apple orchard, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. (Yeah – couldn’t resist there.)

6. Do Yardwork / Rake Leaves
Okay, so maybe yardwork isn’t a ton of fun. But somebody needs to do it. So instead of letting your leaves pile up on your lawn, or paying a neighborhood kid to rake them, go do it yourself! You don’t need to go full-on landscaping mode. But again, it’s all about adding some extra activity to your day.

7. Tour The Neighborhood Halloween Displays
This time of year, a lot of people spend considerable time and money making their homes the spookiest on their blocks. And they love an audience! You don’t have to wait until Trick-or-Treat night to enjoy them. Day or evening, tour your neighborhood on foot and enjoy the sights, sounds, and spooks of the season!

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