Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Central Pennsylvania Food Bank!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Central Pennsylvania Food Bank!

Every year, we dedicate several Fridays to volunteering at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. This year, we’ve already clocked in our fourth session of giving back to the community – and we always schedule it after work hours to ensure our patients’ schedules remain uninterrupted!

During our volunteer days, our team gets hands-on with various tasks. Sometimes, we pack boxes that will be distributed directly to those in need. Other times, we’re sorting through large donations, categorizing items to streamline the assembly of food boxes. Any items that aren’t suitable for the take-home boxes are organized for local food pantries, either to be cooked or distributed. This past Friday (May 3), we sorted 6,000 pounds of food!

From Central Pennsylvania Food Bank’s website: “The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is a nonprofit organization committed to ending hunger in 27 counties across central Pennsylvania. By working with more than 1,100 local agencies and programs, we serve more than 202,500 people in need each month through our two Healthy Food Hubs, located in Harrisburg and Williamsport. Our Mission Statement: fighting hunger, improving lives, strengthening communities.”

It’s more than just volunteer work; it’s a way for us to strengthen our bond as a team while making a tangible impact in our community. Every box packed and every item sorted brings hope to someone’s table. We’re proud to support such a vital cause and encourage others to join in the effort to fight hunger and strengthen our communities!

OVYVO volunteers at Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

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