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The Health & Weight Loss Benefits of Apples December 1st is National Eat a Red Apple Day! And why not? The apple deserves its own holiday. It’s beloved for its flavor, juiciness, versatility, and yes, its health benefits! There’s good reason they say, “an apple a day will keep the doctor away”. Whether you like […]

Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking

6 Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking Today is the American Cancer Society’s “Great American Smokeout”. Occurring annually on the third Thursday of November, this day is designated as a reminder of the dangers of smoking. It’s also a day dedicated to calling on and challenging smokers to quit. But kicking the […]

12 Tips For Staying Active As Days Get Shorter & Colder As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop (again), it can be a challenge to stay motivated and active. But now is not the time to put your weight loss progress on hold by letting your body go into hibernation. With […]

Leading Risk Factor for Diabetes

Why Excess Weight Is The Leading Risk Factor For Diabetes November is American Diabetes Month (November 14 is World Diabetes Day), so we’re putting a spotlight on it to remind everyone just how much of a risk factor excess body weight is in the development of diabetes. Specifically, we’re talking about type 2 diabetes, which […]

7 Weight Loss Tricks For Halloween Treats

7 Weight Loss Tricks For Halloween Treats This Halloween, don’t let those little bite-size treats trick you into TP-ing your own weight loss efforts. They may look cute and harmless, but underneath their brightly colored wrappers lies a dark and spooky secret! (Hint: they are not what they seem.) We all know that a full-size […]

7 Fun Fall Activities For Fitness Autumn is here. And that means crisp air, beautiful colors, and a cornucopia of opportunities for fun and easy fitness. Here are seven simple ideas to keep your body moving and burning calories this fall. 1. Exercise at Sports PracticeIf you have a child involved in sports, you know […]

Simply The Best Weight Loss Center

OVYVO Named Simply The Best Place To Help You Lose Weight Thank you! We are so pleased to announce that OVYVO Medical Weight Loss has been awarded “Simply The Best Place That Helps You Lose Weight” in Harrisburg Magazine’s 2022 Readers’ Poll! To everyone who cast a vote for us… Thank You! Being recognized for […]

OVYVO Named Readers’ Choice Best Place To Help You Lose Weight The Readers of Harrisburg Magazine have spoken… We are excited to announce that OVYVO Medical Weight Loss has been named Readers’ Choice “Place To Help You Lose Weight” in Harrisburg Magazine’s 2021 Readers Poll! Thank you to everyone who voted for us! To see […]

Do you constantly eat and never feel full? Believe it or not, it’s not about how much you eat, but about the quality of the food you eat. Your body will naturally need less food if the quality of your food is better. Choosing to eat whole non-processed food will allow you to eat less […]

Before you give into your cravings for something sweet or salty late at night… HALT! …and follow these simple tips that LeAnn and Michalia share in the video below. Using the acronym H.A.L.T will allow you to identify whether or not you’re actually hungry, and if so, why. Sometimes we eat less out of hunger […]

The use of artificial sweeteners is a debated topic in the health community. The truth of the matter is that artificial sweeteners are not a better option than sugar when it comes to losing weight. These sweeteners “fake” your body’s digestive system into believing you are giving it calories when you’re actually not. This can […]

Eggs have been a highly debated topic. Are they healthy? Do they increase your cholesterol? Should you eat them if you have high cholesterol? Is there a right or wrong way to eat them? Today, LeAnn and Michalia are talking about all things EGGS. Starting off your day with breakfast is important, but it is […]