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Wellness Wednesday - Are You Getting Enough Daily Protein

Today, Michalia and LeAnn discuss why protein is important in your diet and how much protein you should be getting daily to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight. They dive into some of the science behind the importance of protein but also talk about what you should be doing daily to ensure you’re getting […]

Wellness Wednesday - Surviving Thanksgiving Dinner

Today, LeAnn and Michalia discuss tips for surviving Thanksgiving day while still trying to stay on track with your weight loss. We know that the holiday season can be difficult especially this year, so we are here to help steer you in the right direction and finish the year off right! Take a break to […]

Wellness Wednesday - Healthier Holiday Desserts

Today, we discuss how to make your holiday desserts healthier and improve the macronutrients. If you have a sweet tooth but are also trying to lose weight, this is the video for you! We’ll go over what dessert options are better to purchase at the store and what you should stop buying in order to […]

LeAnn Gingrich & Michalia Humphrey at OVYVO Medical Weight Loss

Need some ideas on how to get in and out of the grocery store without buying a bunch of snacks you don’t need? Michalia Humphrey and LeAnn Gingrich are here to help you walk through the grocery store smarter!

LeAnn Gingrich & Michalia Humphrey at OVYVO Medical Weight Loss

Some of you may still know us as Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg, but we recently changed our name to OVYVO Medical Weight Loss as we continue to grow and expand throughout Pennsylvania. Two of our team members, LeAnn Gingrich (Clinical Dietition) and Michalia Humphrey (Physicians Assistant), have started a video series to discuss […]

We are excited to announce that OVYVO Medical Weight Loss has been recognized by Harrisburg Magazine as the 2020 Readers’ Choice in the Hidden Treasures category! You can find us in Harrisburg Magazine’s August “Simply The Best” issue under our old name, Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg. (We are changing our identity just as […]

Introducing OVYVO

Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg is now OVYVO Medical Weight Loss! Since opening our doors in 2014, our Harrisburg office has grown considerably. So when we decided earlier this year to expand our presence by opening an office in Blakely, PA near Scranton, we knew it was time to reconsider our location-based name. And […]

Best Weight Loss Program 2020 - OVYVO Medical Weight Loss

THANK YOU! We are excited to announce that Medical Weight Loss Center of Harrisburg (now OVYVO Medical Weight Loss) has been awarded “Best Weight Loss Program” by Susquehanna Style magazine in their annual Best of Harrisburg poll! To all who voted for us, we thank you! We sincerely appreciate your support, and we’re honored to […]